With a view to developing safeguards and promotions in a territory rich in excellences known and appreciated all over the world, the GAC wanted to promote an action aimed at the creation and adoption by the Economic Operators of a Territorial Trademark . The primary objective of the brand is to make local fishery products recognizable on the global market, through the immediate identification of the same with a territory which is already appreciated excellent agri-food products. For this reason, the GAC decided to expand the action initially envisaged by the brand, making this tool accessible to all services and activities related to the World of Fishing, namely:

Fishing enterprises with their fishing vessels
Retailers (including large retailers)
Transformation Companies
Tourist Companies (accommodation, services, etc.)

The research carried out to deepen the qualitative knowledge on the catches of professional fishing operating in the PMI of the Egadi Islands, has allowed us to characterize the fish in AMP Egadi Islands, in terms of quality of the product caught and environmental sustainability in order to pursue the promotion of a mark of the catch of the Protected Marine Area. The research has also had an economic characterization, in fact the average prices per kg of some of the most common catches in terms of fishing with the tremaglio rather than with the longline, the trawl and the circumference have been detected. With regard to economic and social data, age of boarders, average selling price of the species captured, they have been aggregated on an annual basis. A mapping of the areas of major fishing activity was also carried out according to seasonality and the fishing gear used.

Report Collaboration Agreement between Protected Marine Area _Isole Egadi_ and CNR-IAMC