The main objective of the project is to transfer innovative technologies to the small-scale artisanal fishery, aimed at maintaining the organoleptic properties of the fish for longer times and reducing the degradation phenomena, which determine a greater preservability of the product as well as the promotion of the final product through the application of defined procedures. These new disinfection techniques will be low-cost for operators, easy to use and eco-friendly

The aim of the project is therefore to create a system for the valorisation, protection and support of small-scale artisanal fishing through the promotion of measures aimed at achieving the highest quality and food safety standards.


WP1.1 Evaluation of the levels of microbial contamination of surfaces and equipment;

WP1.2 Realization and evaluation of the activity of mixtures with antibacterial activity with low environmental impact;

WP1.3 Pilot interventions for the sanitation of boats and equipment.