"Centro studi e ricerche, dati economici statistici e strutturali della pesca""Iscritta all'Anagrafe Nazionale Delle Ricerche"

The Data, Statistical and Structural Fisheries Research and Data Center, (C.S.R.Pesca) in June 2013, operates in the field of data collection for statistical purposes, in the fishing sector.
The scientific research activity of C.S.R. Fishing covers all sectors of the fishing industry, from the capture phase at sea to aquaculture, from the transformation of the fish product to its farm.
In order to maintain a better quality of production and efficiency in precision, in 2017, the C.S.R. Mission of the IRES consortium – “Institute for Economic and Social Research in the field of fisheries and aquaculture” and, after receiving the life of the RETE MARE consortium.
The Consortium participates in the Temporary Purpose Association (ATS) which groups the organizations able to carry out all the activities foreseen by the National Program for the Collection of Himalayas and in accordance with Reg. Cee 1543/2000 and subsequent Reg. Cee 199/2008 and of the Council Decision 93/2010
The C.S.R. Fishing, promotes the development of Scientific Research and Economics of the sector and carries out its activity in favor of public and private bodies responsible for managing fish resources. It is registered in the National Register of Research (art 64 c.1 ° DPR 11 July 1980 No. 382) with code 61824 FBQ.